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Explaining the ICC Probe into the Situation in Palestine

January 15, 2020 Tamara Tamimi

The probe is expected to cover actions by both the Israeli army and Palestinian armed groups like Hamas. However, the Prosecutor must first obtain confirmation from the court’s judges regarding ICC territorial jurisdiction in the occupied Palestinian territories.

News & Analysis

S4P Kicks Off Third International Meeting for Science in Palestine at MIT

January 11, 2020 Laura Albast

With topics ranging from the consolidation of Palestinian technology and innovation to biomedical research in Palestine, the weekend conference aims to discuss scientific challenges and successes under Israeli military rule of the occupied territories and to provide opportunities for collaboration between Palestinian and international scientists.

News & Analysis

Roundtable on UNRWA’s Contemporary Role

December 8, 2019 Palestine Square

Palestine Square gathered a diverse group of experts with legal and academic backgrounds for a roundtable to reflect on UNRWA’s role in this era of uncertainty surrounding the question of Palestinian refugees.