Special Focus

Palestine at the UN

January 23, 2017 Palestine Square

The question of Palestine has been profoundly defined by UN gridlock resulting from U.S. vetoes. Will Resolution 2334 be an exception to this trend?

Special Focus

It’s Christmas in Palestine

December 15, 2016 Palestine Square

We are featuring articles* from the Journal of Palestine Studies and Jerusalem Quarterly that provide an insight into the life of Christians in Palestine throughout the years.

Special Focus

Balfour Declaration at 99 Years

November 4, 2016 Palestine Square

“Everything that has followed in that conflict-riven land has flowed inevitably from this decision” Journal of Palestine Studies Editor Rashid I. Khalidi wrote in Resurrecting Empire.

Special Focus

The Second Intifada, Then and Now

October 6, 2016 Palestine Square

The end of September marked 16 years since the outbreak of the Second Intifada, also known as al-Aqsa Intifada. We have made available articles from the Journal of Palestine Studies chronicling the Second Intifada in real time.

Special Focus


June 2, 2016 Palestine Square

Unlike others who have also known and been transformed by tragedy, the Palestinian people remain consigned to their tragic fate. Notwithstanding their struggles, Palestinians continue to stand out for their remarkable professional achievements and as examples of steadfast resistance.