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Historic Photos: Israeli Settlements and Palestinian Sumud

April 3, 2015 Palestine Square

Presented below are a series of rare and historic photographs donated to the Institute for Palestine Studies by the Foundation for Middle East Peace. The photographs date from the early 1980’s as the rate of Israeli settlement growth on the West Bank accelerated. Many of the photographs were published in

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Netanyahu and the "Arab Card"

March 20, 2015 Palestine Square

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu election upset was arguably due to an 11th hour gambit: Netanyahu renounced his past support for a two-state solution and on polling day issued a call to arms (invoking Order 8, the Israel Defense Forces’ emergency code for reserve duty) by warning that “Arab

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PIVOT The World

March 17, 2015 Palestine Square

Imagine an app that inspires you to raise your smart phone or tablet, holding it toward a landmark, and allows you to go back in time and revisit the exact same spot. Add narratives from contemporaries and you’re even more enmeshed. That’s the idea behind PIVOTtheWorld – an exciting new