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Who’s Messianic Now?

January 23, 2018 Dorgham Abusalim

It may be difficult to digest America’s resort to pseudo-biblical literalism to engage with one of the world’s thorniest issues, laughable even. But, in Pence’s case, it is hardly a surprise.

Palestine Unbound


September 14, 2017 Dorgham Abusalim

Since Issa Amro’s arrest, many local and international rights groups called for his immediate release, launching the hashtag #StandWithIssa.

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Palestinian Authority Polices the Internet

August 11, 2017 Dorgham Abusalim

Although the 61 Articles comprising the law mostly deal with serious e-crimes, three Articles drew the ire of rights groups because they fear these provisions would impact freedom of expression and online privacy.

Palestine Unbound


July 18, 2017 Dorgham Abusalim

Palestinian and American organizations and activists launch campaign to highlight the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.