Several organizations and online activists in Palestine and the U.S. have launched an online campaign to highlight the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. Home to two million Palestinians, the coastal enclave has been under a severe siege imposed by Israel for ten years, and more recently, an intensified closure of its southern borders by neighboring Egypt.

Using the hashtags #IAmGaza, #ISeeGaza, and #UnlockGaza, the U.S. Campaign for Palestine Rights and the American Friends Service Committee hope to shed light on the rapidly deteriorating situation as massive electricity and water crises reach alarming rates.

In recent weeks Gazans had only an average of two hours per day of electricity – compared to only an average of six hours per day prior to the Palestinian Authority’s decision to no longer pay Israel for Gaza’s electric supply. This shortage has crippled hospitals, water treatment plants, and schools, effectively bringing day-to-day essential living activities to a halt.

In 2012, the United Nations (UN) has warned that Gaza will be unsuitable for human habitation by 2020 due to such conditions. However, more recent reports indicate that this projection was “overly optimistic.” Indeed, repeated Israeli assaults against the Gaza Strip have only accelerated the decline of basic human living conditions.

The crises reached a tipping point with the news that several Palestinian patients, including days-old infants, have died due to delays in processing their transfer requests for medical treatment abroad.

Campaigners have urged online users to highlight the situation in Gaza and demand from their elected officials an end to the Israeli siege of the territory.

International Committee of the Red Cross warns Gaza is at risk of “systemic collapse”.#LetUsBreathe #GazaUnlocked #IamGaza #IseeGaza #UnlockGaza

Posted by Lora Lucero on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Gaza: an 11 year-old child has not experienced more than 12 hours of electricity in a single day in her/his lifetime #IAmGaza

Posted by Dorgham Abusalim on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Dreams denied! Only by raising our voices can we end Israel's criminal policies and #UnlockGaza. Say #IseeGaza! #IamGaza!via huwaidaarraf

Posted by Victoria Giorgi on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The main reason for the pollution in sea of Gaza is the blockade 10 years ago😡#seaofgazapolluted #IamGaza#Gazaunlocked

Posted by Hatem Aldagma on Tuesday, July 18, 2017


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