Photo Essay: Humans of Jerusalem


Humans of Jerusalem continues Palestine Square‘s new photographic focus on Palestinian cities and villages in historic Palestine. Every focus will be made up of readers’ photographs submitted to Palestine Square and our collaborative venture with Paltrips. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram to learn about our next selection and how to send us your photographs!

(Reem Abdulmajid)

From the Jerusalem Quarterly – the only journal that focuses exclusively on the city of Jerusalem’s history, political status, and future:

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For our Humans Of series, Palestine Square is teaming up with is an online travel and urban guide to Palestine, aiming at breaking stereotypes and promoting an alternative experience of Palestinian cities by mixing texts, pictures and sounds.

Similar to tourist guides, offers practical information and advice (such as whether to rent a car, taxi or walk), maps and contacts for travelers. It also presents a cultural and literary dimension. Prospective visitors to Palestine will find plenty of insider information on where to sleep, eat and drink, monuments and museums, exciting trails off the beaten path, the latest on local artists and musicians, and even local recipes.

Check out their guide to Ramallah:

The Holy City does not only look back to a five-thousand-year-old history, but also to a future with great prospects: In the case of the founding of a Palestinian state, East-Jerusalem with its golden Dome of the Rock should become the capital city. In the Arab part of the city, many young people are involved in various activities: A young cook prepares such great dishes that he was allowed to cook twice for the Pope. A gallery presents the works of young Palestinian artists. A number of joggers launched the group “Right to Movement”. They run for long distances and against restrictions – in a country, where they have very little freedoms.

The main goal of is to create a collaborative platform that gathers young professionals from different nationalities who can illustrate the reality of Palestine and the Palestinians. You can always contribute to by contacting their team.

Learn more about on their website or Facebook andInstagram.

The following photographs and video of Jerusalem along with accompanying text have been provided by (unless otherwise attributed):

(© Gridism الإستشباك)

Jerusalem’s Old City

Jerusalem’s Old City is like a mosaic; any change will destroy its current beauty. Dense, intense, charged and dynamic, Jerusalem is also very calm, even dark. It is a true urban masterpiece and should be truly experiences rather than left for the imagination. This gallery follows a one-day-stroll (shot on different days). It starts by arriving in the East Jerusalem bus station and ends… well, you will see.


Jerusalem Forever, an alternative approach of the city



The Oud Player

Canaan Ghoul is from East-Jerusalem and he plays the Oud. It is an Arabic music instrument, which is played at birthday parties, religious holidays, marriages, and celebrations. The wooden instrument (“Oud” = wood) is the most used instrument in oriental folkloric music. Listen to the sounds of Oud for yourselves…


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